Corporate Videos

Video is a powerful tool for telling your company's story to the world!

Have you ever seen a fascinating and well-executed company presentation video? You've probably thought, 'I'd like one for my company too,' right? Let's create one together.

With corporate videos, you can showcase your company's story. Your services and products can take center stage, along with the smiles of your staff and satisfied customers. You do all of this in your own style, and we'll help with the execution.

Choosing the target audience

Ensuring that your message reaches the right target audience and resonates with them is the essence of video marketing. This is especially crucial on social media. The most beautifully crafted high-budget video may not capture people's interest; it might be skipped as an ad.

We have expertise based on experience and researched knowledge regarding what types of corporate videos work for each target audience. With our team, we've created over five hundred corporate videos and witnessed their effectiveness or lack thereof. Our expertise extends beyond video production; if you wish, we can help create the entire narrative from scriptwriting to video marketing.

Why choose Evigo?

Whether you're thinking of creating an impressive introduction video for your website, a series of YouTube videos, or experimenting with the effectiveness of various social media videos, we are undoubtedly the right partner. As a video production company, we ensure that your corporate video is not only high-quality but also approachable and tailored to your target audience.

We are a cost-effective production company with extensive experience in corporate videos. We make the necessary modifications to the videos to ensure the end result satisfies you. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for our videos.


Pricing for corporate videos is typically case-specific. The price is influenced by the duration of initial planning and scriptwriting, the number of work hours spent on filming, and the duration of the editing phase. Costs may also arise from actors, props, audio productions with voiceovers, and nowadays, even video captioning. We also include travel expenses in the pricing.

However, we have calculated a few corporate video packages to give you a better idea of the potential cost of the production you're interested in. The actual pricing will be determined once we have the quality requirements and other essential details about the video.

Here are some examples of the corporate videos we have produced:

Service price list


The prices do not include travel expenses, actor expenses, decoration and makeup expenses. Venue rental fees for shootings are also not included in the prices.


Video Productions

Corporate video 60 s. 1525 €
Corporate video 120 s. 1825 €


VAT 24 % added to all prices


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Let's dive into your project!

What's on your mind? Tell us about your project. We'd be happy to provide more information and detailed pricing in the form of a quote. Let's work together to create effective video marketing.

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