Brand your company with a phenomenal advertising video!

Strong brands thrive in times when consumption needs to be reduced. They also recover from uncertain times more quickly. If you have the opportunity, now is the right time to maintain brand awareness or make your company known. This can be achieved through TV commercials and promotional videos.

Evigo is a cost-effective option for commercial video production. It's important to us that your commercial is made with quality, is engaging, and evokes emotions. The videos are scripted and produced with the target audience in mind. The same commercial can be used on television, social media, and even on displays in shopping centers.

TV advertising creates a lasting memory trace


In Finland, people watch television for an average of about three hours a day. Television is a mass medium, and that's why TV commercials create phenomena. According to studies, television evokes the most emotions among media, thereby creating the most significant memory trace.

In TV, commercials are more likely to be watched to completion, with good image quality and unmuted sound. This increases the effectiveness of advertising.

Is TV advertising expensive?

Often, advertising on television is thought to be expensive. In reality, the cost per contact on TV is, according to current research, the most affordable in the media field, especially when the cost per contact is compared to the number of seconds the advertisement is viewed.

Our television productions range between 1000 euros and 4000 euros. The price depends on the time spent on shooting and editing, as well as the cost of actors, voiceover artists, and music used in the spot.

You can also purchase a TV campaign regionally. The most affordable option is a local campaign for 500 euros per week. However, our recommendation is to allocate at least the same amount of money for the TV campaign as you did for the production of the TV spot. It doesn't make sense to invest in such important video production without intending to invest in its distribution.

Create a media mix

A TV spot can be used in places other than just on TV. According to studies, combining TV advertising with social media video marketing is a quite effective solution because TV advertising also increases the effectiveness of your campaign in other media.

When it comes to branding, it's advisable to advertise in multiple channels simultaneously. One channel reaches one part of the target audience, and another reaches another part. The most effective advertising occurs when the target audience encounters the advertisement in multiple different media.

Why choose Evigo?

It's important to us that you achieve your goal, which is sales profit. We produce high-quality video productions, but we also understand that videos need to be seen by people. We specialize in ensuring that your message is conveyed in an understandable form to the right target audience.

On the television side, we collaborate with MTV and Sanoma. Of course you can reach other mass media as well, but we are well-acquainted with MTV and Nelonen, and they know us.

Here are a few advertising videos we've created for our clients:

TV-mainosten price list


The prices do not include travel expenses, actor expenses, decoration and makeup expenses. Venue rental fees for shootings are also not included in the prices.


Video Productions

TV-ad filmed 10 s. 1295 €
TV-ad filmed 20 s. 1650 €
TV ad animated 10 s. 850 €
TV ad animated 20 s. 1050 €


VAT 24 % added to all prices


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