Speech Videos

Mankind craves a message from another human being

We live in the era of short videos, but on the other hand, we also live in the reality era. People are willing to watch even longer videos if the individuals and content in them are deemed interesting. Few are interested in superficial matters nowadays; the trend is to delve beneath the surface or get closer to the skin.

Speech videos are essentially personal branding. They capture the viewer's interest in the company through interviews with its executives or customers. While there may be some interesting and informative visual content in between, the main focus of speech videos is on an individual who has something to say to another person.

Adding versatility to marketing through speech videos


Whether you intend to showcase your products for sale, create user guides for your products, share news about your company's new premises, or introduce your employees, speech videos provide excellent tools for it. Almost everything can be presented through speech videos.

Speech hooks and engages, making the viewer watch the video until the end. They grab onto the narrative and, at the same time, you can convey important messages about your company without the video feeling like an advertisement. Through speech videos, you can warm your customers to your company, and they gradually start to feel like you know each other.

The price of speech videos

Speech videos can be produced simply or as a larger production. Often, simplicity is beautiful and effective when it comes to videos intended for human-to-human communication.

The prices for our speech video productions start at 1200 euros, but of course, you can spend up to 3000 euros. It all depends on the approach and the type of video you want to create, as well as the target audience for the video.

Captions for speech videos?

We recommend captioning speech videos. Over 700,000 Finns have some degree of hearing impairment, and many people also watch videos with the sound off or with poor audio quality. Captions improve the accessibility of videos, thereby increasing their viewership. Captioned videos are more likely to be watched until the end.

Evigo offers captioning services for the videos we produce. You can learn more about our captioning services by clicking this link .

Why choose Evigo?

Evigo's speech videos are of high quality and carefully crafted. Our team is approachable, and we can guide the speaker during the filming process. Our shoots have a great atmosphere, and this translates well to the viewers.

We have expertise in styling and set design for speech videos. We can also assist you in scriptwriting. We have our own studio dedicated to speech videos, making the production process seamless. Of course, we can also move to the location where you want the videos to be shot.

Our references for speech videos:

Service price list


The prices do not include travel expenses, actor expenses, decoration and makeup expenses. Venue rental fees for shootings are also not included in the prices.


Video Productions

Speech video 60 s. 825 €
Speech video 120 s. 1025 €


VAT 24 % added to all prices


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